An entry for GTMK Game Jam 2019. The theme for this game jam was 'only one'.

In Sphor, you play as Sphor, a mighty god that uses spears to fight foes. Sphor lives in Speargard. This year's winter was colder than the usual ones. This is because Speargard is under attack by ice guardians from the evil nation, Icegard. To stop this for once and for all, Sphor decides to attack. Deep inside an ice cave, Sphor gets attacked by an extremely large army of ice guardians. It is now up to you to make sure Sphor survives as long as possible.

You have one spear that you use to destroy enemies. Don't forget to pick it up once you want it back! Use your dash to move through enemies without getting hit! You have one life.

Game is created by Niels van Dam and Bart in 't Veld


Sphor Mac
Sphor Windows

Install instructions

Download, unzip, play.


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That's true! Unfortunately there was no time, so we wrote it in the description of the game. Basically just survive as long as possible while killing as much as possible :)